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About CM Costing

CM Costing was formed in 1999 by Christine Middleton, then a Fellow of the Association of Law Costs Draftsmen. Since that time the business has gone from strength to strength, Christine has become a Costs Lawyer and has a very skilled team working with her.  Here, Christine gives an insight into the services CM Costing offers. 

Whenever I meet people who ask what I do and tell them I am a Costs Lawyer, almost every time the enquirer then asks, “so what does a Costs Lawyer do?” to which I answer “save people £’000’s on their legal costs!”

I have been a legal costs practitioner since 1993 and I have a wealth of experience in the subject.  CM Costing was formed in 2000 and has gone from strength to strength in this ever-evolving area of the law.

Dealing with legal costs is a specialist subject, but covers most areas of law, with both successful and unsuccessful Clients benefitting from our services.  The English Legal System generally entitles winners to recover their legal costs from the losers.  The winners like to maximise the recovery of their costs in order to provide an effective indemnity for their own legal expenses.  Conversely, the losing party wants to minimise the costs that have to be paid to the winner.  Either way, the team at CM Costing can help.  As legal costs can quickly escalate any savings that are made amount to substantial sums. 

Personally, I have had success at both extremes, recovering 100% of costs for a winner and having a winner’s costs reduced to Nil for a loser - and the Opponent paying my clients for the privilege!  These are not the norm, but were very pleasing for the Clients. 

If Parties cannot reach agreement on the level of costs that should be paid the Court will usually determine the appropriate sum, again with input from the CM Costing team.

Whilst most of the work dealt with by CM Costing is on behalf of Solicitors for their Clients, CM Costing does take instructions from Business Owners and private individuals, and, due to my Costs Lawyer status, I am regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board so providing additional peace of mind.

So if you have a legal costs issue why not get in touch.


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